The Mae Deli (by #DeliciouslyElla)


Main Dish: Mae Bowls £9.75

(Choose 4 of the dishes of Today)

  • Asian Style Broccoli and Bok Choi
  • Corn, edamame & beetroot red quinoa (Not as good cause of the sauce)
  • Sweet potato & courgette curry (Super yummy, it was cooked with coconut oil)
  • Chunky Avocado Smash

You Can:

  • Add Sides: £4.50 for Organic marinated chicken OR Organic lemon roasted salmon
  • Add Dip: £2


Organic Tea £2.50

(They have used Organic Almond Milk)


Cacao & Almond Energy Ball £1 & Apple & Raspberry Slice £3

Recipe of the Cacao & Almond Energy Ball: Classic Almond Energy Ball (Recipe)


The Menu: Mae Deli Menu

The Owner & her Blog: Ella’s Instagram & Ella’s Blog

Must Try Items

  1. Pancakes (They are using Buckwheat Flour)
  2. Hot Chocolate (They are using Almond Milk)




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