Free Trial with Graze

I have ordered my RailCard earlier which I saw a leaflet of Graze’s snack box free trial on the 1st and 5th box.

And I got so tempted to check out their flavours.

There are three options on your 1st Trial and I have chosen the Variety Box.

A sneak peek of my box:

  1. Gloden Flapjack (45% rolled oaks, margarine, demerara sugar, golden syrup)
  2. Peanut Butter with Pretzel Sticks
  3. Protein Topper (Vanilla and Almond)
  4. Herby Bread Basket


There are few options at the end where they will ask how often you would like to receive the Snack box/ Energy box.

  • Every Week
  • Every Two Weeks
  • Every Month

And you can cancel it anytime before it ships out on Fridays.

More Info: Graze’s Official


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