Which phone carrier should I choose in London? (GiffGaff)

I have received my Free GiffGaff sim card in Hong Kong, and it has delivered from Taiwan. Once the user activate the sim card, then both parties can receive £5 off for the first time.

For More Information of the Free Sim Delivery International, you can find it here: GiffGaff Free Sim Delivery

They have a few options of the goody bag:

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 3.35.21 PM

And I have chosen the £15 goodie bag, 4GB should be enough in London as you don’t get reception in the underground.

Giff Gaff Pros:

  • Reception is very good, sometimes its better than WIFI

Giff Gaff Cons

  • Requires extra cost when travel Europe
    • However with 3, you get to travel around Europe with data without extra cost
  • Available ONLINE only
    • You have to download an app in order to Top Up

Giff Gaff’s App

  • Download Giff Gaff App– Available in both App Store and Google Play
  • Here is a sneak peak of how it should look like after you have purchase a monthly plan. In August 2016, they have launched a £10 goody bag for 2GB, normally you would need £12.
  • It is also very easy to top up your goody bag, simply press “top up now” and they will top up with the credit card that has been pre-saved on your first purchase.




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