Gelupo Gelato for £3

London’s  weather was so nice today and I was just around the Picadilly so why not try out the Gulepo’s Gelato. When I arrived, there are already a bunch of people at the store lining for Gelato. I have lined up and asked for taste trials- I have tried the Apricot Crumble (I really love crumbles, the texture is quite thick however in general it is 20% too sweet for me), Bonet (It is made in mainly chocolate, coffee, egg yolk and caramel and I felt a bit bitter in the after taste) and finally Crema 101 which is what I have finally chose:

Gelupo Ice Cream

What is so special about Gelupo?

It is the finest artisan gelato experience this side of the Alps. Their chefs use the products of English and Italian produce to make a delicious selection of gelato (ice cream), and sorbets fresh every day.


Gelupo’s Gelato Flavours

Gulepo Gelato Flavours

Gulepo’s Hot Drinks:

Gulepo Hot DrinksGulepo Hot Drinks _2

Gulepo’s Cold Drinks

Gulepo- Cold drinks

More Info: Gelupo’s Official Website

Gelupo’s Daily Menu

Gelupo’s Opening Hours:
Monday to Thursday: 11 am – 11 pm
Friday & Saturday: 11 am – Midnight
Sunday: Midday – 11 pm

Gelupo’s Address:

#1- 7 Archer St, London W1D 7AU

#2- 1 Cambridge Circus, London, WC2H 8PA





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