Mayfield Lavender Field

July 3rd (Sunday)

Transportation: Early in the morning, I took the Thameslink from West Hampstead –> East Croydon Station–>Purley (1 stop)–> 116 Bus and get off at Carshalton Road–> Walk 30 seconds to the entrance (The total journey took us about 2 hours!)

This is the stop where you get off from a bus:

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 9.24.13 PM

Recommendation: Suggested not to visit on a Sunday if you do not have a car, the buses and trains are not that frequent on Weekends.

Lavender Field’s Selling Point: 25 Acres of Lavender

Mayfield Lavender Field View from front

Review of the Lavender Field: The Lavender field is such a beautiful place. We have taken thousands of photos (from selfies to just taking photos of the field). I’m a person who really love PURPLE which makes it more exciting! Overall, it is a place where you must visit if you have enough time in London, if not just do not bother as it takes quite a while to travel back and forth and I rather you use the time to visit other nice cities in London which you might get a better access on public transportations.

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Review of the Lavender Cafe: I had the Lavender Scone with Clotted cream and a Lavender Tea.

  • The Lavender Scone- It was average, on the day that we went to the field was really windy and cold which didn’t make our experience on food as positive.
  • The Lavender Tea- It was a bit tasteless, not recommended. Should try something thats with milk.

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Review of the Lavender Plant Shop: There were different kinds of Lavender products in the shop that you can buy. From shower, skincare products to pillow comforter and plants. Prices are acceptable as well.

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Mayfield Lavender Field
Address: 1 Carshalton Road, Banstead, SM7 3JA
Opening Hours: Open every day 9am to 6pm, June 1 to Sept 14

Mayfield Plant Nursery & Shop
Address: 139 Reigate Road Ewell, KT17 3DW (By Audi Garage, Driftbridge)
Opening Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 9 am to 5.30 pm

More Info: Mayfield Lavender’s Official

This is a place where you must visit during the summer!


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