London Oyster Daily Cap 2016

I will be going to Amsterdam for 4 days and Dublin for 4 days in the upcoming month. While my monthly Oyster Card is going to expire on 17th Aug, so I have done some research on the Oyster Card Daily cap to compare if a weekly Oyster plan is going to be cheaper.

And here is my result!

  • On 17th August My Monthly Oyster Plan will be expired and I will be going away quite a few days within the month (in purple)
  • Therefore lets say the daily cap is £6.50, then from August 22nd- 26th I will be spending £32.50 = a weekly will be cheaper for £0.10
  • And since I will be going to Croatia in September, its not worth buying a monthly Oyster Plan
  • In conclusion, from Aug 22-Sep 22 this month, I will be spending £117 pounds (3 weekly Oyster plans + 3 individual daily) which is £7.5 pounds cheaper!!

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 7.27.16 PM.png

There are peak and non peak prices if you are travelling out of Zone 1. The daily cap on the Oyster is listed by zones in the second image. And since I’m living in Zone 2, the Oyster card daily cap is the same price as in Zone 1. Here are some information I found on the web:


Monday–Friday 6.30am–9.30am and from 4pm–7pm. If you travel into central London (zone 1) from an outer zone, there is no afternoon peak rate with your Oyster card.


Off-peak fares are charged at all other times, including Public Holidays.


Daily Caps and Oyster Travel Card in a photo: 


More info: TFL Weekly/ Monthly/ Annual Cost

Let me know your travel plans?


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