London Thameslink Group Save Discount

Are you travelling in a group of 3-9 with Thameslink? Then you are eligible for the Thameslink group save discount!

You get to save up to 34% off in total when you travel TOGETHER with Thameslink from start to end.

You can get the GroupSave discount on:

  • Off-Peak Day Return tickets
  • Off-Peak Day Single tickets
  • Anytime Single tickets
  • Super Off-Peak tickets
  • Off-Peak Day Travelcards (bought outside of the London zones)

For more info: Thameslink Group Save Details


Here is my experience with Thameslink:

I have been trying to process my payment on Thameslink with 2 adults + 1 adult with 16-25 railway card online at Thameslink Railway Official, however they have been rejecting my payment all the time which makes me thought if my card has any issues.

So I had to visit the Thameslink counter to buy a Groupsave ticket travelling from West Hampstead to Gatwick. And it has took me 15-20 mins to wait for the staff to return to the ticket office. (When it said coming back at 17:25, he literally came back 10mins late)

Thameslink Ticket Office

With the Thameslink Group Save return ticket that I have bought, you have to travel together (so the staff has circled). The return date is valid until Oct 16th which is good cause what if your flight got delayed? You won’t have to worry buying a new ticket.

Thameslink Tickets Gatwick Airport.jpg

Review: The service at the ticket office is terrible
Wait Time: 15-20 mins
Cost: £60.15 for 3 people round trip to Gatwick airport from West Hampstead


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