Golden Union- British Fish and Chips in London

10th August, 2016

It is my flatmate’s last day in London, and she has decided to have her last dinner with me and a friend at the Golden Union’s.

Waiting Time: Golden Union at the heart of London, it is about 4 mins walk from the Oxford Circus Tube Station. (How to get there from Oxford Circus). I have arrived at 7pm on a Wednesday and it was about 5 mins wait for a table for 3. You can tell a lot of the people who are dining in are tourist as there are different nationalities and they are holding professional cameras.

Golden Union Fish and Chips waiting Area

Dine-in VS Takeaway cost: To dine in at Golden Union, there is a different priced menu to look at than the one you looked at when you walk in (The below image is for takeaway). All the items on the list are individually priced, so if you want a cod with chips- it will be £9.50. The Cod itself comes with a small Tartare sauce but if you would like to order more to takeaway it will be £1.25-£2.50 depending on the size.

Golden Union Fish and Chips Menu

So I have ordered the Cod and chips to dine in and the total was £12 + service charge which comes up to around £15-16. It is recommended to takeaway if you want to save a few pounds.

Review: I will rate it a 7/10, the fish itself is very fresh and tender however the batter wasn’t as crunchy as I was expecting. The chips is just alright.

Golden Union Fish and Chips

The fish and chips are pretty fulfilling and I did not get to finish them. Requested for a takeaway box which is free of charge. But the box itself is not very stable and the lid always open while I’m walking on the Oxford Street.

Golden Union Fish and Chips takeawayGolden Union Fish and Chips takeaway box

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Location: 38 Poland St, Soho, London W1F 7LY
Phone: 020 7434 1933
Opening Hours: Everyday 11:30am – 10pm


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