Urban Food Fest at Shoreditch

13th August, 2016

It is another day with sunshine in London, so we have decided to head out to Shoreditch’s Urban Food Festival for dinner. It took us 25-30mins to get from Oxford Circus to Old Street by tube, and from the tube station it is another 10 mins walk to Shoreditch high street. (Here is a map: Where is Urban Food Fest?)

When we have arrived at the food festival, it wasn’t that big as its only held in a car park temporarily- from August 20th 2016- December 17th, 2016. Usually from Midday-Midnight. (More info: Timeout recommendation)

Arrived at the Front Entrance, and you can already feel the vibe! There are loud and chill music along with great people.

Urban Food Fest

We had walk around the food fest and at the end we have chose the tempura + chicken salad bowl with mayo topping. Both dishes are £7 pounds, if you want a pop its £1.

The owner of this shop is very friendly, he had a chat with me and asked me where I’m from. He even asked if you have any allergy.

Urban Food Fest What to eat 2Urban Food Fest What to eat 16

Urban Food Fest chininlondon

Address: 162-167 Shoreditch High Street, London, E1 6HU

Budget: Most of them are within £7 per dish


  1. Closest Tube: Old Street (Here is a Map)- About 10 mins by foot
  2. Closest Overground: Shoreditch High Street (Here is a Map)- About 4 mins by foot

More info: Urban Food Fest Official Website

More Pictures of the MENU


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