Sky Garden at Darwin Brasserie

July 16th (Saturday)

It was a beautiful Saturday at 26 degrees with silky blue sky!

And I have got nothing scheduled on this lovely day, so I have googled and Sky Garden and saw there are available tickets in the afternoon which I have booked it immediately. (Normally there are no tickets available unless you book it 1-2 weeks ahead of time, which means I was lucky!)

You can book your FREE ticket in advance at: Sky Garden Booking Official
Tips: For tourists who are in large groups are suggested to book in 2 weeks in advance and more tickets on weekdays morning-afternoon.

Opening Hours: 
Monday – Friday: 10am – 6pm
Weekends: 11am – 9pm

Address: Sky Garden on Google Map
1 Sky Garden Walk
Sky Gard Entranceen London

What to Bring: Passport/ Photo ID + Printed Ticket/ Electronic Ticket
What to aware: You will have to go through security, but bringing water is totally fine.
What time should you arrive: Suggested you arrive 10-15 minutes than your ticket time, it might take a while to go through security.

Sky Garden London Line Up

Once you got through the security, then you will enter the elevator that direct you to 35th floor. Sky Garden London Elevator

When you got off the elevator, you will be very surprised with the view! There are not a lot of people as you required to book a ticket to get in.

Sky Garden

The London landscape with the Shard!

There are two bars in the Sky Garden that you can get drinks from with different views. At the bar that faces the Shard serves everything including alcohol drinks and smoothies, whereas the other bar that faces the Gherkin Building only serves tea, coffee, juices and cakes.

On the day I visit Sky Garden, I have ordered a carrot cake only and thought it was too sweet.

Hope you will enjoy your visit 🙂


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