Bao London Fitzrovia

September 3rd 2016Bao London.jpg

1st Floor
Bao London Frizrovia

2nd FloorBao London Frizrovia downstairs

Official Website: Bao London Official
Bookings: No Reservations
Address: 31 Windmill Street, W1T 2JN (Bao Fitzrovia on Google Map)
Opening Hours: Monday- Saturday 12pm-3pm, 5:30pm-10pm
Seats: 2 Floors with 47 seats
Budget: ££


Bao London Menu

More Photos of what we have ordered:

Review on Food: (Please find the prices/ respective dishes when you roll over the images above)

  • Condensed Milk Milkshake– It was too sweet for me
  • Pickled Cabbage– Foreigners will like it a lot
  • Tomatoes, Plum, Powder– It is a bit too sour but managable
  • Gilled Lettuce Gem, Confit Garlic– the fried garlic are layered on top of the grilled lettuce however it was too salty in general
  • Mapo Aubergine– The rice was really good, however the Aubergine tasted a bit overcooked
  • Fried Chicken Chop, Cured Egg and Hot Sauce– Prefer to have it without the hot sauce and cured egg. The fried chicken itself was quite good- crisp outside and tender inside (8/10)
  • Bao
    • Cod Black Bao– The texture was really good at first but it was kinda tasteless afterwards
    • Confit (Pork Belly)– It was really tasty and wished we have ordered this once more than the cod black bao
  • Beef Cheek and Tendon Nuggets-9/10 (Rated by my colleagues)
  • Raw Langoustine– 10/10 (Rated by my colleagues)
  • Ginger Prawns and Crispy Heads– 9/10 (Rated by my colleagues)

Review on Atmosphere:

  • The service was average, the waiter didn’t pay much attention to what we have ordered
  • Noise Level: The noise was manageable
  • Atmosphere: We sat at the lower level which was alright

Recommendation: Would only order the Pork belly Bao, Prawns and Raw Langoustine if I ever visit again.


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