The Sloane Bros Frozen Yogurt at Brick Lane

July 16th, 2016

Summer Time in London, so it’s time for some Fat Free Frozen Yogurt!

Had a trip to the Bricklane with some friends and passed by The Sloane Bros to cool ourself a bit. The Sloane Bros has fantastic frozen yoghurt sourced from the very best British suppliers and dairies.

If you are not a dairy person, there are Diary Free products as well, such as the tropical flavour.

The Sloane Bros Menu

There are several toppings that you can choose from by adding £0.70 each OR if you choose 3+ it will be £0.60 each. For special toppings like the Brownies it will be around £1.00.

The Sloane Bros Frozen Yogurt

I have ordered a small twisted natural and blueberry yogurt topped with orange brownie and honey. Total: £3.95 (I added a brownie- special topping)

We have spent a good 30-40 minutes there to chill and enjoy our frozen yogurt. It is definitely a good place to take a rest after exploring Brick Lane from the beginning.

Location: The Sloane Bros on Google Map (It is closer to the end of Bricklane)
Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 12pm-8pm, Monday Closed
Budget: £
Recommended: 8/10
Website: The Sloane Brothers Official



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