Tohbang Korean Restaurant at Farringdon

July 28th, 2016

Lunch date with a friend at Tohbang as I was craving for Korean food. Tohbang’s servers are mainly Koreans and they speak perfect English. The price for their lunch special is pretty reasonable. All the specials are £6.90, if you would like to have tea or a soft drink then its going to be £1-2 more. Which we have ordered tap water only.

Lunch Special: Tohbang Lunch Special Menu

  • £6.90 for a set (with light starter, miso soup and main) without tips
  • The server will ask if you would like to have kimchi which charges £1.00 (but they will not give you a heads up)

Recommended: 6/10

Review on the Food:

  • Grilled Mackerel: Quite Salty and the portion of rice is not enough for me to finish the salty mackerel. Some part of the mackerel was burnt. 
  • Bulgogi: It was sweet but the portion was not as expected
  • Kimchi: 7/10
  • Starters: The potato was delicious, it should be cooked with sweet soysauce
  • Miso Soup: There are no tofu in the miso soup, aren’t those ones that you normally drink in Japanese restaurants

Location: Tohbang on Google Map (5-10 mins walk from Chancery Lane/ Farringdon Station)
Hours: Monday- Friday (12pm-3pm, 6pm-11pm), Saturday (6pm-11pm), Sunday Closed
Recommended: 6.5/10 (Just average)


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