West Hampstead Saturday Farmers Market

September 3rd, 2016

I have moved to West Hampstead since June and I have never been to this Farmers Market. It was lucky that I head out of bed before 2PM and I didn’t missed it finally.

The farmers market is quite easy to access. If you get here by the tube, just turn RIGHT from the West Hampstead Station and it is right in front of the West Hampstead Thameslink Entrance.

There is live music right outside of the farmers market. And there are a wide range of food choices, everything is organic/ freshly baked. Seats are available if you would like to sit down and chill, but better go early!

West Hampstead Farmers Market Outside of Thameslnk

Location: Outside of West Hampstead Thameslink
Time: 10AM- 2PM (Saturdays ONLY)
Variety: Honey, Cakes, Apple Juice, Fresh Vegetables, Fresh Meat, Coffee, Tarts, Jam and more
Price Range: Relatively Cheap


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