London Grind at London Bridge

29th October, 2016

Its Saturday finally! And I’m meeting my primary schoolmate who’s currently living at Darby now for reunion. Was trying to look for a nice brunch place the whole morning and finally decided to go for London Grind cause its next to Borough Market where we can hang around after brunch.

London Grind Logo.jpg

He said he arrived at 12:40PM and it was very busy, just 2 minutes after he got our seats, there is a short line up.



I arrived at 1PM and ordered our food right away. Its a weekend and we got the weekend brunch menu. When I did my research this morning, I saw the One Egg Pan looks very nice on Instagram so I decided to go for it along with a Latte. The Latte came in 10 mins, however, food didn’t arrive until 1:40PM and they said the One Egg Pan required to make from scratch and it takes longer to make them (What a lie…).


Latte- £2.80 – It was okay (7/10)


King prawns, pearl barley winter truffle (On the main menu): £12.50 – It is quite good, the sauce is very creamy with a slight truffle flavoured.


One-pan eggs with sausage – £8 + £2 (Sausage or Bacon) – Very filling and I didn’t get to finish the whole pan. It made with spinach, beans and tomato mainly. (8/10)

Overall, the food was good however the service and waiting time was too long. They keep forgetting to take our orders, such as the tap waters and the bill. We have waited for more than 10 minutes for each action. The food was quite good in general, but with this price I was expecting  better service. Will definitely visit other Grinds but not this one again.



More Information

Menu: London Grind’s Official Menu

Location: London Grind on Google Map

Opening Hours:

  • Mon – Thu: 7am – Midnight
  • Fri: 7am – 1am
  • Sat: 8am – 1am
  • Sun: 9am – 7pm



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