2 Days in Paris – Transportation and Accommodation

How to go to Paris from London and Where to stay?

You can take Eurostar from Kings Cross St Pancreas London to Paris, the train takes 2 hours 15 minutes.

You can prebook the ticket on Eurostar for better deal. We have booked the trip 1.5 months in advance for £65.50 round trip which is considered a pretty good deal. Normally it is £79 one way. You are able to choose the seating direction as well.

I have picked the 7:01am train because the jubilee line underground doesn’t run until 5:15am in the morning. You only have to arrived at the station 30mins in advance to go through security.

Security was quite easy, no one checked your ticket when you enter but the passport control will check your passport.


Since we are only going for 1 night, we have booked a hostel that is walkable distance from the Gare du Nord station called Vintage Hostel.

My friends booked a 4 bed female dormitory room and I booked mine separately in a 3 bed female dormitory room. I have paid slightly more to have a female room instead of mixed room. When I walked in, a Shanghainese lady is in the single bed, and I took the bottom bed of the bunk bed.

  • The reception was helpful. We arrived at 10am in the morning, and wanted to go to the Disneyland right away. She recommended us to go the next day as it takes more than an hour to commute from the hotel.
  • You required your passport to check in
  • There are outlets right next to the bed which is quite convenient.
  • The bedding seems quite dirty which makes me unable to sleep well
  • The washroom is alright, the shower is a bit dirty, and I’m not sure if the condition was like this before the Shanghainese moved in.
  • The wall was quite thin, and you can hear people running around outside during the night. (I’m a light sleeper)
  • The common areas are okay, you can chill there and have breakfast there.
  • Remember to bring your own towel or else you have to pay €2.50 just to rent!
  • If you would like to leave your luggage in the hostel, it is fine and they can keep it for the whole day. Just to make sure you don’t leave valuables in the locker as there are no security guard to watch your stuff

I will rate 7.5/10 because didn’t sleep well in the hostel. But the staff are very nice and location is quite convenient.


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